Empowering PLUS SIZE women to express themselves confidently through style. We are dedicated to the notion that fashion is for every female and as a result of this philosophy we have decided to commit to the plus size fashion shopper.



Prinsessa’s Closet was founded in Singapore in 2008. We started out online before we open a shop in the east area in 2009. We source from various countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam and has worked with various suppliers to produce our own in-house designs. We recently open our second outlet in the west area in 2014.



Company Name: Prinsessa’s Closet

Company Registration No: 53109530D

Registered in Singapore



Main office/shop: CENTROPOD@CHANGI 80, Changi Road #03-07 Singapore 419715

Tel: (65) 6753 5808


Branch: 2, Jurong East Central JCUBE #02-96 Singapore 609731

Tel: (65) 6734 7880